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New Media for Health & Wellness

YogaHub is best known for hosting the first ever, Virtual World Yoga & Meditation Conference in 2010, which continued for three years and was host to more than 200 workshops taught by over 100 faculty and attended by thousands of people from more than 35 countries.

Their mission, “Revolving Around You” is based on raising awareness and consciousness to individuals worldwide by supporting them in their personal practice of yoga.

YogaHub has now expanded into online video streaming through YHTV, a network of educational programming geared towards health and wellness with more than 350 episodes and interviews. YHTV continues as a central hub for both leaders and brands from diverse fields of the wellness marketplace.

Project Requirements

YogaHub was created to help individuals find balance in body, mind and spirit through education and information. The objective was to create an online learning platform that had no borders so that individuals globally could participate live or post-event, while offering an equal opportunity for speakers to not only teach, but earn revenue for right livelihood through multiple streams of income.

  • Custom Platform for Protected Content Delivery 85% 85%
  • E-Commerce & Conference Registration 60% 60%
  • Affiliate Program 45% 45%
  • Speaker/Faculty Training & Support 20% 20%


Knowing YogaHub’s audience and its needs enabled Interplicity to help them serve a non-technical customer base, while devising a six week training program for the instructors and faculty. We also enhanced YogaHub’s existing e-commerce platform to create a comprehensive affiliate program to track and appropriately flag each ticket sold along with all conference transactions for books, cd, dvd and other ‘back of the room’ sales to properly credit and assign commissions to the referring speaker, media partner or affiliate.


Being the first of its kind this conference was streamed live via the telephone and internet with the ability for participants to ask questions during these sessions and workshops. In the ensuing years, we assisted YogaHub in improving the participant experience by integrating live video streaming in 2012. Today, YogaHub has several award nominated IPTV video shows and promotes a rapidly expanding YouTube channel and library of wellness content based on helping individuals find balance in life.

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