Wholebeing Institute

Whole-Person Positive Psychology

Wholebeing Institute is an educational organization focusing on research-based courses that help people live life to its fullest—spiritually, physically, intellectually, relationally, and emotionally. One of their core values is the belief that in order to lead a full and fulfilling life, to enjoy a deep and lasting sense of wellbeing, it is necessary to embrace the whole self.

Their research-based courses, create learning communities worldwide where dedicated practitioners learn—and then teach—the applied science of whole person well-being. These essentials create the acronym SPIRE, which is the cornerstone of the Wholebeing curriculum. The courses include both online and in-depth formats that follow one basic premise: that only by taking into account the whole person is the greatest well-being realized.

In addition to many of their asynchronous self-paced courses they offer an acclaimed Certificate in Positive Psychology (CiPP) program led by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, author of the best-selling book Happier and teacher of one of the most popular courses ever offered at Harvard University. This year-long blended learning program offers an in-depth, integrated exploration of the science and direct application of positive psychology—the study of individual and societal flourishing—in all aspects and stages of life.

Project Requirements

As a leading educational organization in the field of positive psychology, Wholebeing Institute required our aid in the development of a platform that would allow them the ability to market all current courses, take registrations online, offer live and recorded workshop sessions, and seamlessly integrate the end user experience into a branded portal for online learning while enabling their support team to manage and launch future programs.

  • Custom Branded Platform 60% 60%
  • E-Commerce & Course Registration 80% 80%
  • Course Building & Curriculum Design 30% 30%
  • Client Training & Student Support 55% 55%


After identifying both current and future needs, we set out to lay the foundation for their main website, including a fully integrated shopping cart for the sale of both digital and physical goods, along with a streamlined checkout process for student enrollment in their online training programs. In addition, we assisted them in redefining the approach to online learning by dramatically simplifying the overall classroom layout, ultimately providing an enhanced student experience.


Not only has their site seen a significant increase in student enrollment since inception, we’ve enabled them to offer several free introductory courses for various different target markets which have proven to increase both the general interest in their current course offerings as well as the field of positive psychology as a whole. One of their biggest successes is the ability to capture and cultivate both the curriculum dialogue and overall student enthusiasm through the use of private instructor-led community forums.

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